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Selected Artists

A65a.jpg Code: A065
Title: Selected Artists
Material: Stone sculptor
Current Location: Harare
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I did my primary level at Makamba school from 1987-1993 and my secondary levels at Gunde school from 1994-1997 in Buhera. At school my favourite sport was soccer and I was good at art. Due to poverty I did not complete my secondary education. When I was in form 1 during school holidays my father used to teach me and some of my brothers how to carve and he used to comment on my art and used to say, My son Obert, I see you have a good talent you must continue to carve because I see that you can do better than your brothers, you must follow my steps and I see that your future will be full of life From that time until now I am interested in carving and I will never find another interesting job like this. When I was twenty I did some jobs like packing and shipping sculpture for only six months and I discovered that it was not my talent, mine was dealing with stones and I left the job and began to carve small sculptures. As time goes on I was gaining experience and I started to carve big pieces, displaying them at Mukuvisi Woodlands. Most of my brothers do stone sculpture and to mention a few are: Anderson Mukomberanwa Lawrence Mukomberanwa Tendai Mukomberanwa. I am married and I have one child. During my spare time I read newspapers and watch TV and draw. I prefer to eat Sadza with fish and also vegetables with peanut butter. The most famous artists I admire are Joe Mutasa, Domenic Benhura and not forgetting my father the late, Nicholas Mukomberanwa. I am hoping to be more famous than him.
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