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Selected Artists

A67a.jpg Code: A067
Title: Selected Artists
Material: Stone sculptor
Current Location: Harare
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Cephas Mukundi brings to bear upon his sculptures a love of animals, first realized at sketches made at school. Rabbits are central to his corpus of work. Rabbits which if alive would have wet noses, bob tails and pricked ears, alert to the world as they know it around them. His rabbits might range from the pet rabbit loved by the child, fed leaves of lettuce, allowed to roam freely around its cage, yet protected by the bright lights of cars which spell doom to many rabbits all over the world. Other of his rabbits are the rabbits who run free, small things affectionate in nature, animals to be loved rather than considered a scourge. Cephas Mukundi asks for books on rabbits as it is the only way he feels as an urban sculpture that he can observe habits, their way of live and their singular fluffy beauty. Starting out his life as a sculptor as a mere observer, a carpenter at Chapungu Sculpture park. Today he sculpts urged on by his dreams. The sculptures are small delicate and pleasing to the eye. He captures the rabbit standing still, ears alert, eyes roaming to observe danger. But he also somehow catches the rabbit in motion, the way the rabbit leaps and lopes, sniffs the scent of danger. He admires the work of leading sculptor Dominic benhura, a sculptor who is able to capture a restless movement of growing children, the way a child fast becoming a teenager can never sit still. Cephas Mukundi says that sculpture comes naturally to him, an extension perhaps of drawing at school, or else a way of expressing himself, and lending beauty to the natural world around him and the rabbits he loves and wishes to know more about. There are many who have worked at Chapungu Sculpture Park, some as craters and packers, some as carpenters and gardeners, some as ticket sellers, whose horizons and ambitions have been broadened by the sculpture they see around them, and a landscape with beauty enhanced by stones. His work has been represented in  custom and legend a culture in stone. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew London UK (Chapungu Sculpture Park) 2001 and in custom and legend a culture in stone. Missouri Botanical Gardens, St Louis, Missouri, USA (Chapungu Sculpture Park) 2001 Those of us who walk in the bush often do not see the small things, the birds who hop among the grasses, The occasional rabbit, it6s tail flashing like a white beacon above the ground, the insects that march in their formations, the teaming life under the ground. Cephas Mukundi reminds us all of these in his sculptures and that life in Zimbabwe is not all large cats and baboons which swing from trees, bottoms up, and eyes smiling. As long as earth has these varieties and nature allows the little things to live, Mukundi has future as a sculptor. His birds grow in stature and strength, and identity as a particular species of bird, he is now sculpting woman, walking, moving, and swaying in their womanly way. Softly spoken and gentle, he is the right sculptor to look around and see the small things in life which make day to day living pleasant and represent them in stone.
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