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Selected Artists

A69a.jpg Code: A069
Title: Selected Artists
Material: Stone sculptor
Current Location: Harare
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Born on the 21st December 1973 In his early stages Titus was already artistically active his talent was first discovered by his grade three school teacher who then ordered his parents to help him with all he needed in art since she said he was the best ever since Richard left the school. He then participated in the schools art and craft, and scooped four awards from this in the time between grade four and grade seven. He met his first promoter Mr H.A. Weitzer in 1986 after hed gone to assist his brother and the sculpture that he bought was not even finished. He was then given tools and got a supply of one or two raw stones a month. In 1988 he then began to go and work from the gallery during the school holidays since he was in form two. He had his first exhibition in 1992 at the official opening of gallery 2000, which Titus felt was the best experience of his lifetime, exhibiting with artists like N Mukomberawwa, L Takawira, G Zinyera and his brother R. Rosani. He then left gallery 2000 in 1993 and worked with almost all local galleries and international art dealers. When he participated in different exhibitions both local and international. He had his first solo exhibition in 1997 and also participated in the Mobil Heritage. His hobbies are playing around with musical instruments and sound mixing and engineering. The worst thing that has ever happened to Titus in his life was loosing both parents at a very young age. His mentor and Teacher Richard is the most inspiring work he has seen.
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