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Elite Artist

A02.jpg Code: A02
Title: Elite Artist
Material: Painter
Current Location: Harare

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Peter Birch N.D.D.A.R.C.A (Lond) Five years SIDCUP SCOOL OF ART. KENT ENGLAND, Obtaining Intermediate Examinations in Arts & Crafts and National Diploma in Design. Commissioned – Officer during compulsory arm national service running supplies in North Africa. Returned to the Royal College of Art London for three years awarded A.R.C.A Degree. During the above college years, carried out décor at the Royal Albert Hall on two occasions for Chelsea Art Ball. Also décor for the Royal Academy of Dramas New Theatre, officially opened by the Queen Mother. Paintings shown at various British Exhibitions and purchased by Fulham Potteries, Coal Board and private individuals. Arrived in Zimbabwe January 1959 Taught at Lord Melvern School, Prince Edward and Arundal. Décor for R.E.P.S theatre and Rainbow 7Arts. Founder members “THE CONTEPORARIES” group of very active professional, painters and paintings purchased and scattered worldwide including, Scotland (Lord Graham), Moscow (Olympic games presentation), Disney USA, Cyprus Gallery, Australia etc. Portrait Paintings Official government portraits of the last four Governors of the Reserve Bank. Official portraits of Chairman of Astra Holdings, Delta holdings, C.A.B.S, C.I.M.A.S, Miekles Group etc. Also portraits of Head of Gwebi College, Chisipite Girls, Peter House and Ruzawi. Vice chancellors President Mugabe, Cannan Banana, Prof Chavhunduka, Prof Walter Kamba for the University of Zimbabwe. Television and Radio Many years experience presenting Art programmes on TV “BIRCH ON ART” every Saturday evening and “MEET THE EXPERTS” every Thursday morning. Newspaper Art Critic for “THE HERALD”. Consultant for evaluation of painting professional restorer of damaged art works. Founder Owner and Principal of the “Harare School of Art” Adult classes are almost always fully booked. His G.C.E Classes fill to over flow every Jan/Feb as the school is an official Examination Centre. Children’s painting and pottery classes are very popular. Peter Birch Peter has built a “Castle on the Kopjie” in Unminsidale, where he relaxes from the pressure of ‘city life’ by riding his horse, reading, swimming and walking the dogs in this extremely beautiful and spiritually uplifting valley. He finds life very pleasant and full of surprises, Peter never has a “Monday Morning” feeling waits for the next challenge and is thrilled when difficulties are successfully over come.


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