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Selected Artists

A56a.jpg Code: A056
Title: Selected Artists
Material: Painter
Current Location: Harare

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Tafirenyika Marekera was born in 1977 in Harare, he grew up in Mufakose, a high density suburb in Harare and has lived there his whole life. He is a young Zimbabwean artist (painter) whose paintings without compromise or avoidance of the truth depict life in Mufakose. In his paintings he comments that life in Mufakose can be enjoyed, as many people worry and do not know how to deal with their problems, they sing and dance, socialise and easily make friends. There is one painting of a man turning his back to a woman, a painting which speaks of breakdowns in communication within marriages. There is another painting of a small house, built one on top of the other Mufakose Cottage. In another painting a man and a woman dance as if possessed by beer. The colours are harsh, sombre, the yellow of a sky struck by lightning. In Mufakose Cottage two men waiting at a bus stop, asked will the bus come, will it arrive at the destination, will it arrive safely, will the men be late for work and lose their jobs? Today art in Zimbabwe is taken from reality, it asks people to question the situation of the subject, to apply their own knowledge of what happens and how this will work in Zimbabwe today. Many Zimbabweans paintings go beyond the pretty picture to become an indicator of how society works and how people behave within that society. Marekera sketches from life, he scours the pubs and streets of Mufakose for his subject, and translate what he sees into paintings. Here is a young painter of promise and assured future.


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