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Selected Artists

A61.jpg Code: A061
Title: Selected Artists
Material: Stone sculptor
Current Location: Harare

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Admire Mashenu was born in 1982 in Nyanga and he grew up admiring the works of Claud Nyanhongo. When he was still a boy , he used to watch Nyanhongo breathing life into large stones in Nyanga. He attended Mutetwa Primary and Kambudzi Secondary and for reasons beyond his control could not complete his secondary education. After dropping out of school , he spent a month in rural areas tilling the soil and herding cattle. He later joined Agnes Nyanhongos Greendale studio as a polisher of stones. This shape of artistic career and opened new horizons for me  he said. Here he gained confidence as a sculptor and during weekends would carve his own stones. Born into a family of five , Admire believes that art is in the blood of his lineage as his Uncle Samson Mashenu is an up coming sculptor of great reputation. Admire left the Nyanhongo School in 2002 in search new artistic dimensions and to explore new social experiences. His subjects range from human features to social themes. characterizing the rich and poor. Wise old man (Springstone 2002)is a portrayal of the facial features of an old man who knows family history and passes it on the younger generation through orator. The teacher (Springstone 2002) is a large peace of a man , his hand up, as if giving instructions. It is the teacher who grooms doctors,lawyers,scribes and soldiers. The teacher natures talent , the talent that resulted in development. His ambition is to be recognized internationally and to hold international workshops so as to promote artistic dialogue, cross cultural interaction and to instill debates in the arts.


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