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Selected Artists

A68.jpg Code: A068
Title: Selected Artists
Material: Wood sculptor
Current Location: Harare

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Born on the 5th March 1976. Godfrey is the first born in a family of eight. I was educated at Mukamba Primary school from grade one to four in buhera where I stayed with my grandmother, mother of late Nicholas Mukonberanwa, then my father transferred me to chitungwiza to start my grade five at Chaminuku Primary School, in grade six I realised I had spirit of Art at craft lessons when we used to bear wire products, wood carve artificial flowers. Out of keen interest I started sculpting at a tender age of eighteen. My uncles were accomplished sculptors. They are Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Albert Nathan Mamvura and my brother Nesbert Mukonberanwa whos brotherly love nurtured the interest in me to greater heights. During my school holidays I used to visit my uncle at his farm in Ruwa. And I would spend a couple of days trying to learn stones and how to talk to stones, my uncle shaped my carrer as an artist by engaging me as an assistant. In 1994 I finished my Olevels then I started to sculpt full time at Nicholas Mukomberanwas workshop As an apprentice I learned how to carve Shona Abstracts, figures and heads. To advance versatile workmanship I acquired from my uncles I went to best of the crop, I then mastered the straightening of angles of pieces and how to create unique pieces. Whilst I was working with Nicholas Mukonberanwa I had a change of learning how to clean hidden angles on hard stones like Cobalt, Serpentine and Opal. In 1999 my uncles advised me to be independent, In order to explore the new avenues I was bringing into the field and I never give up forever and ever.
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